Long-term treatment of social phobia with clonazepam.

Davidson JR1, Ford SM, Smith RD, Potts NL.
Psychiatry Outpatient Program, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710.
J Clin Psychiatry1991 Nov;52 Suppl:16-20.


Twenty-six socially phobic outpatients were treated with clonazepam for the relief of symptoms. At evaluation, which took place after an average of 11.3 months of continuous treatment, 22 (84.6%) patients showed good improvement and 4 (14.4%) showed no improvement or were not recovered. The dose declined over time, from a peak mean of 2.1 mg/day to a mean of 0.94 mg/day at follow-up. Side effects are described, along with individual case descriptions that illustrate important aspects of the use of benzodiazepines for the treatment of social phobia.